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Quality original art posters for kids, vividly coloured and painted around a rhyme

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When thinking about making quality original art posters for kids, there were a couple of things that sprung to mind. Colour was the first one. Colour is one of the first building blocks that children use to learn. It fascinates children and leaves an everlasting impression on them. It moulds them to be Happy and contented in themselves. Kids see art and colour as a plaything of limitless possibilities. Give them a paintbrush, colours and paper, and very quickly they are making their own original posters.


When creating an art poster for children, I was conscious that vivid colour was essential. I also felt that the brighter colours were more important to include, as they enhance mood. Kids also love cartoons a lot, and can comprehend Cartoon imagery as though it was real. They don’t at all seem to feel threatened by cartoon characters. I especially love creating cartoons and cartoon characters. They have no creative limitations and can be as crazy as you like.


Rhymes are another important factor in a child’s development. The idea of creating an artwork or poster with a rhyme was appealing, and also a challenge. It seemed logical to write the rhyme first, then paint the picture around the story of the rhyme. Combined with cartoon imagery, this proved to be the best formula, and so my first 6 colour posters are here.

Colourful posters enhance a child’s environment, and help develop a child’s mind. Large format art posters are an ideal way to present colour to children. They are not expensive for the advantages gained. Posters are flexible. They may be placed anywhere that has wall space, and moved again easily. It is a delight to be able to offer my work on postersforkids.com.  Going forward, I hope the posters will provide much pleasure to many.

Colour is essential in the development of a childs mind