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Quality original art posters for kids, vividly coloured and painted around a rhyme

My posters are offered in A1 size to provide a big colourful impact in a childrens environment

About the posters:

Shamus is my name and I live some 8 kilometers outside of Kilkenny city in Ireland. I want to tell you a small bit about the posters for kids, and how they came about.

Children construct a picture in a measured way, when given a paintbrush and paints. Children will normally paint a blue section, including a sun, at the top of the page. They will paint a green section to represent the ground and grass at the bottom of the page. These two sections never meet. Children add their characters and flora in the middle white section. The animal and human characters are normally represented in a cartoon fashion.


Cartoons are brilliant. I was always excited about the notion of creating cartoon characters. I was very excited about creating posters for kids also. There aren’t any limitations to the creation of a cartoon character. The character is but a figment of the imagination. Characters can be of any shape and colour that comes into your head.

I settled on the idea of making a rhyme, as the basis for a poster. kids love rhymes, and again, rhymes are among the building blocks for early learning. The next step was to paint a picture around the story of the rhyme to create the poster.

Bright colours:

It was essential that each poster be full of bright colours to be pleasing to a child. I love blues, yellows and oranges. I love the visual aspect of light blues sharing space with mid toned yellow/oranges. Those colours seem naturally embedded in our DNA.  We get the great pleasure and contentment from the blue of the sky on a nice Autumn day, and the richness of a sinking sun at twilight.

I am now delighted to be able to present the first 6 posters on my website, with more to follow. I hope they can give as much pleasure as I got from creating them.

This is a little something to think about. It is a frightening and sad thought, to think of the millions of children on this planet, that never had access to a paintbrush, paper and paints, through the course of their childhood.

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